Our alumni

  1. Post-doctoral researchers
  2. PhD researchers

Post-doctoral researchers

Buc Calderon Cristian

Cristian currently works as a research scientist at Centre Nacional de Inteligencia Artificial (Chili).

ORCID iD icon0000-0001-8325-2059

De Loof Esther

Esther currently works as a Business Development Representative at Inrupt.

ORCID iD iconin/estherdeloof

Desender Kobe

Kobe currently works as a research professor at the Brain and Cognition research unit at KU Leuven.

ORCID iD iconhttps://desenderlab.com/
ORCID iD icon0000-0002-5462-4260

Janowich Jacki

Jacki currently works as a medical writer at Evidera.

ORCID iD iconin/jackijanowich

Senoussi Mehdi

Mehdi currently works as an assistant professor at Université Toulouse.

PhD researchers

Aben Bart

Bart currently works as Consultant Research & Development at HumanTotalCare.

ORCID iD iconin/bart-aben

Deraeve James

James currently works as a Data Engineer at Partena Ziekenfonds.

ORCID iD iconin/james-deraeve-0561881a2/

Ergo Kate

Kate currently works as a Senior Application Developer (AI Healthcare) at Nuance Belgium.

ORCID iD iconin/kate-ergo-phd-044959a7/

Huycke Pieter

Pieter currently works as a Data Engineer at Data Minded.

Note: the information listed here is subject to change, and is only updated periodically. If you wish to contact one of our alumni, we encourage you to look up contact information online to ensure correctness.