New paper published in NeuroImage

Congrats to Bart et al. for getting their work accepted in NeuroImage! :fireworks:

In their paper, they address the context-dependent allocation of two prominent cognitive control modes: reactive and proactive control. They demonstrate that task-relevant areas such as intraparietal sulcus and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex are more active on task trials in reactive than in proactive mode. Importantly, the same areas were more active between task trials (i.e., during the intertrial intervals) in proactive than in reactive mode.

This implicates that reactive control involves a transient reactivation of task-relevant brain areas exactly when needed, and that proactive control is characterized by sustained activation of similar areas when control is required on a longer time scale.


  • Aben, B., Calderon, C. B., Van der Cruyssen, L., Picksak, D., Van den Bussche, E., & Verguts, T. (2019). Context-dependent modulation of cognitive control involves different temporal profiles of fronto-parietal activity. NeuroImage, 189, 755–762.