New paper published in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review

Congrats to Kate, Esther, and Tom with their new paper that just got accepted in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review! :fireworks:

In this work they investigated the role of agency in reward prediction error (RPE)-based learning. Earlier research showed that signed RPEs (SRPEs; “better-than-expected” signals) drive declarative learning. However, it is unknown whether this RPE must derive from the participant’s own response, or whether instead, any RPE is sufficient to obtain the learning effect. To test this, RPEs were generated in the same experimental paradigm where an agency and a non-agency condition were combined. In the current paper, no interaction was observed between RPE and agency, suggesting that any RPE (irrespective of its source) can drive declarative learning.


  • Ergo, K., De Vilder, L., De Loof, E., & Verguts, T. (in press). Reward prediction errors drive declarative learning irrespective of agency. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.