Below, we provide some recent publications.
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In press

  • Desender, K., Boldt, A., Verguts, T., & Donner, T. (2019). Post-decisional sense of confidence shapes speed-accuracy tradeoff for subsequent choices. eLife.
  • Verbeke, P., & Verguts, T. (2019). Learning to synchronize: How biological agents can couple neural task modules for dealing with the stability-plasticity dilemma. PLoS Computational Biology.
  • De Loof, E., Vassena, E., Janssens, C., De Taeye, L., Meurs, A., Van Roost, D., … Verguts, T. (in press). Preparing for hard times : scalp and intracranial physiological signatures of proactive cognitive control. Psychophysiology.


Our older papers are all available online through the academic bibliography of Ghent University.
The papers associated with our lab can be found by going to the biblio page of our PI.